About Us

Our Founder, a well respected former small business owner

KarlenRoss.com was originally created as my campaign website during my 2016 run for the Hawaii State House of Representatives, District 17 (Hawaii Kai). If you ever run for office, even if it's a longshot, you should play to win, so I bought years of web-hosting. After the election, this website was mothballed and I forgot about it. If you want to learn more about Karlen Ross the candidate here are a few of the questionnaires I filled out and still by and large stand by my positions at the time.



But in the past 4 years there have been several major developments in media, namely a strong distrust of traditional news outlets and any crackpot can put together a website and suddenly they're Tom Brokaw. While fringe political beliefs are not going anywhere, this website is not for them.

Are you a Moderate Democrat who is tired of being called out by members of your own party for not being woke?

Are you a Moderate Republican who wishes they weren't lumped in with conspiracy theory wackos?

Do you volunteer your time for a cause in real life and hate keyboard warriors in the comments section?

Do you long for a time when politics was super boring and mostly involved nuanced policy decisions made through legislative compromise, and not personality-driven cults of personality selling you slogans and logjams and calling it governance?

Can we agree there is just plain weird stuff both the left and right fixate on, and we should be allowed to have a good laugh about?


Stay Tuned,